New appearance of the apartment

Starting your life in brand new housing does not always mean buying one.

Housing overhaul with a new configuration, accurate zoning, colour and light design, as well as usage of various materials within the interior would create the sensation of a totally different home.

Основен ремонт

Even small housings bring about numerous opportunities for constructing various zones, as long as these have been designed in functional manner. When combined with light and accurately used colours, this would result in visual, much more spacious premise.

In the case of larger housings a transformation of that type would bring about much more cosiness and amenities.

The comprehensive apartment renewal happens at several stages:

1. First stage – Inspection and elaboration of draft of the desired changes.
This is the schematic zoning plan that includes reconfiguration of enclosures (if any), retrofitting of the incoming light (replacement or re-measuring the windows)

2. Second stage – Plasterboard – walls, ceiling and lighting. Here we specify the usage and reconfiguration of the available walls and ceiling, as well as lighting changes.

3. Third stage – we specify the used flooring, putty, wallpapers, tiles etc. The selected ones are presented in e-book with all the necessary dimensions and price list. If you like, we could visualize them in a 3D project.

4. Fourth stage – Tailored furniture – adding furniture according to the project or elaborating e-book and 3D visualization (optionally) of available furniture with description of the manufacturer and prices.

5. Fifth stage – Specification of devices, lighting, automation etc.

6. Sixth stage – final budget – definition of the full project value, including the interior design (comprehensive or partial) and the implementation. At that stage we add the final changes.

7. Seventh stage – Project implementation

All the stages could be re-configured during the operational process.

The comprehensive project is in line with client’s desires and budget.


We will transform your home into a cozy home.