Tailored furniture

Furniture tailored to your needs

The furniture tailored according to the individual project are convenient, practical and readily satisfy even the pickiest taste.

The tailored furniture would make it easier for you when you undertake repairs or move into a new housing. With them you will compress as much as possible the space since unlike the ones being marketed in the commercial network, they would perfectly suit your spaces.

The tailored furniture makes it possible to unleash your imagination and run away from the ordinary and rely on much higher performance class, with mechanisms and fittings at your discretion.

The tailored kitchens are much more practical than the ready ones offered in stores.

Thanks to them you could easily adapt to the already available electric and water-supply and sewerage installation. These are the optimal solutions for small, as well as for large spaces.

Before you order a tailored kitchen, please specify the type and desired arrangement of the devices.

When you order tailored furniture, you choose the materials for their elaboration by yourselves. You could make your mind among massive wood, MDF, particle board, LDF and others.

We offer our clients 3D visualization of furniture.


We will transform your home into a cozy home.