Interior Design

Comprehensive interior project

Interior design - luxury or style and functionality

Hiring an interior designer is a good idea, if you have a fixed budget with which you would like to renew your home and would like to do this in the best possible manner. Leave behind your back the reasoning that hiring a designer is expensive and affordable only to the rich people and the ones with huge housing. Actually, this would save you lots of time, low spirits, mistakes and money.

In practice, the interior project is about 2-6% of the value of the comprehensive project. At the same time, an interior design provides you with the full documentation that is necessary for the precise project implementation and this saves you funds and time. On the other hand, the interior designer is the person that would provide you with the appearance you like, in combination with 100 % usability of the housing functionality, while fitting into your budget.

A comprehensive interior project is the guarantee for excellent result

Architectural shooting – precise shooting of all dimensions (including openings, windows, niches. wall thickness etc.) and their drawing in scale 1:100 or 1:50

Zoning – defining the premises – are these outlined or not, are we discussing the creation or elimination of enclosures

Distribution of the top sketch – allocation of furniture within the new housing situation

Concept – we discuss the shapes, the main vision, colours and lighting

Decoration – we discuss the details that would give the final vision touches

3D visualization – at that stage we offer a visualization elaborated on the grounds of the previous stages, it should be discussed and according to it at the following stage we perform several corrections until its final approval.

Technical documentation – at that stage we elaborate all the drafts that the contractors need to implement the whole proiect:

  • Unfolding
  • Electricity and water-supply and sewerage posit oning
  • Sanitary proiects
  • Pavement project
  • Proiect of soffits and lighting
  • Furniture project
  • Colour solutions
  • Textile and upholstery
  • Decoration

Additionally, you get:

  • Color schemes
  • Mood board
  • Furniture project
  • Selection of materials
  • Budgeting
  • Online update


Additionally, here you could set projects for:

  • Fire and emergency
  • Safety
  • Energy efficiency
  • Waste management
  • Automation
  • Air and water treatment


Budgeting – we prepare budget on the grounds of the previous stages for comprehensive implementation (irrespective of whether it would be performed by us)


Interior project – housing interior (External contractor)25-40 €/square meter
Interior project – public interior (External contractor)30-45 € /square meter
Interior project – housing interior (STYLE BUILD contractor)20-30 €/square meter
Interior project – public interior (STYLE BUILD contractor)25-30 €/square meter
Designer supervision (in the case of External contractor)in view of the project
Interior consulting of the site (except for the transport)180 BGN/hour
Interior consulting in office with preliminary recording90 BGN/hour
Conceptual interior design (извън договор)2€/square meter
Interior-project scheme 2D (up to 100 square meters)200 €
Pre-project budgeting250-450 € (in view of the project)
Furniture project150-360 BGN/item
Zoning18 BGN/square meter
E-book (colour schemes, fabrics etc.)350-700 BGN
Decorator4-8 €/square meter
Management in the case of implementation6-8 % of project budget

Additionally, we could offer you:

  • Designer supervision (it is not included in the project price)
  • Management of deliveries (all the additional items that you have ordered for your housing) -Arrangement, provision of access, uploading and assembly.


When it comes to our implementation, you would use designer supervision and management for free in some of our packages. See here. When it comes to our implementation, you get the service “clean-up after repairs”. In your capacity of our clients for interior project you could take advantage of discounts from all our partners. If you would like to take advantage of the services of our designers after a free inspection and proposal, contact US.


We will transform your home into a cozy home.