When we are talking about design, details are of paramount importance. When it comes to constructing the comprehensive appearance, we start from the main ones and proceed to the small decors, which are nevertheless essential to the final sensation. You could change the decors, in tune of the season, mood or even after every clean-up. While complementing the main lines, they could oppose them to give you a brand new sensation. Via the decors, you could easily follow the fashion trends. You could bet on your favourite colours and fabrics or experiment with something different and brave. Within a décor collection you could include textile, as well as pictures, various decorations, vases, sets of cutlery and flowers. A brave combination of colours and ornaments would impart new modern looks to your housing. If you would like to freshen up your home or give the final touches after the repairs, get in touch with our consultant. From the project to the slippers, because we know our project is your home!

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